I always thought you had to have a special ability from God to be able to pray more than just “regular” prayers. Some people could and others of us were rather mystified as to how they did it. This was certainly my perspective until I began to follow the nudging of the Holy Spirit to go deeper. I found that as I put in the effort and the time, God’s Spirit would meet me and do the rest.

So, I began to fast. Sometimes it was food for a period of time, or a certain food for an extended period, or media…whatever it was, when committed to fasting from it, every time I thought about it or went to eat, my thoughts would be redirected toward prayer instead of myself. And to my surprise, I began to see answers to the specifics I was praying about in those times! In the natural it is not something I like to do but when I commit to do so, God seems to always change my appetite and sometimes I even forget about eating. His food is so much more satisfying and lasting to my soul.

Feel the nudge? Give fasting a try and watch what God does! Putting his word into action never fails.

Doug Sprunt
One Way Ministries