For One Concerted Week…

  • Christians across Ottawa are praying for the city, joyful about their connection to the larger body of Christ
  • Churches are collaborating to pray for their neighbourhoods
  • Individuals are prayerwalking their streets
  • Believers in the workplace are praying together for their workplace and city
  • Youth groups are praying for their schools, clubs and leaders
  • Parents are leading their children in prayer for teachers, friends and neighbours
  • Prayers are well informed about the needs in Ottawa
  • Led by the Holy Spirit, we are praying “with one voice”

So That…

  • Our Father’s name will be hallowed
  • His will will be done in Ottawa as it is in heaven
  • He will meet needs in greater measure
  • Our relationships will heal and thrive
  • Our city will be led away from temptation and delivered from evil
Our Team


The team serving City on our Knees is currently made up of prayer leaders from East Gate Alliance, Community Bible Church, Vineyard Ottawa, Burning Hearts House of Prayer, Lift Jesus Higher Catholic Community, Jesus is Lord, Chapel Ridge Free Methodist, Woodvale Pentecostal, Community Life, and Barrhaven United. National House of Prayer has been a wonderful contributor as well. Our team is supported by Pray Ottawa, part of One Way Ministries.

For more information about City on our Knees, or Pray Ottawa, please contact us. We would love to hear from you.




The City on our Knees initiative comes out of one of Pray Ottawa’s “Prayer Leaders Round Tables” in 2014. Prayer leaders from various congregations saw potential for a week where churches and individuals would unite their hearts to pray “as a city” and “for the city”.

Later, a team began to form to focus on how to bring this endeavour to life. Our heart was not to create one central worship and prayer service, but to invite groups all over the city to collaborate with one or two others in some simple way. We envisioned individuals being able to tap into a central prayer theme chosen for the week, so that despite being spread apart geographically we could come closer figuratively. We were inspired that as people caught on, it would capture the imagination of many.

Since 2016, the third week of January has seen gradual growth of this proactive blanket of prayer seeking the welfare of the city.