City On Our Knees

An initiative of Pray Ottawa 


City On Our Knees 2025: January 19-25

“Lift Up Holy Hands in Prayer”

Get ready to pray for Ottawa during City on our Knees: a citywide week of prayer from January 19 – 25, 2025.

  1. Mark the map where you’ll be praying
  2. Or find an event to join
  3. Pray for God’s light to shine in our great city!

Pray with your family, co-worker, classmates, neighbour, church, or group of churches! Whether you pray alone or with others, you’ll be part of a citywide chorus “lifting up holy hands in prayer” (1 Tim. 2:8).

City on our Knees provides you with:

  • the map where you can post your plans and find prayer events
  • prayer points for Ottawa
  • videos and slides to tell your friends about City on our Knees
  • simple ideas you might not have tried before


Our theme for 2025 is “Lift Up Holy Hands in Prayer”

Got Questions? Contact us We’re here to help you!

Download Video 1m20s


City Prayer Map


Our map is interactive and searchable. Please let us know where and when you plan to pray during City on our Knees, so we can update our prayer map!

Search Map Tips

3 Ways to Search

Search by Date

Type a date, e.g. “Jan. 21” in the “Search” field below the map, on the right side. 

Search for Events Open to All

Type “Open to all” in the “Search” field, below the map on the right side. 

Other searches

Type a key word into the white “Search” field below the map, on the right side

City Praying Form




This form will enable us to place your plans to pray during City on our Knees on the map. All of us want to see this map filled up! 

Once the week arrives, you can also use this form after the fact to tell us where you prayed. Tell your friends, and keep checking back to see the city covered in prayer! 

Preferred Method of Contact